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Confined Space Rescue Team:

There When You Need Them. There When You Really Need Them.

When your plant is undergoing a turnaround, the last thing you want is an accident. But it's the first thing you should anticipate. Any entry into a confined industrial space presents the risk of mishap. So your company needs to be prepared with a confined space rescue team that knows the drill – inside out.

They'll help your people prepare while they're still outside the environment and then work with them to maintain safety and awareness to changing conditions while inside the confined space.

Entrapment, engulfment, flammable gases and toxic fumes are just a few of the scenarios our confined space rescue crews are trained to handle at a moment's notice, minimizing the risk to your workers.

In case an incident does occur, the crew is prepared to provide swift evacuation of workers and emergency aid when needed.

Confined Space Rescue Qualifications

Code Red Safety's confined space rescue team has the following training and certifications as a minimum (many crew members have more):
  • First Aid and CPR Certification
  • OSHA 30
  • Confined Space Rescue
  • Hazwoper Training

This training combined with years of real-world experience mean your people can work confidently alongside ours in dangerous situations. They can focus on the job at hand knowing that our confined space rescue team is there to direct and assist them in all matters of safety.

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