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Confined Space Hole Watch and Air Technician Services

...So You and Your Workers Can Breathe Easier

A confined space hole watch and confined space air tech will round out the safety team for your entry crew. These trained technicians are experienced and fully qualified to provide monitoring, breathing air, and other assistance for your confined space activities. Now everyone on the job can breathe easier knowing the air quality is under control and the workers are being carefully monitored.

The Confined Space - Hole Watch

Confined space, hole watch attendants are vigilant to hazards like toxic fumes, combustible gases, and entrapment risks; they keep visible contact at all times with the workers inside the space, using portable monitors when necessary to sample air quality in the work area. It's their job to recognize dangerous situations, raise the alarm, and initiate evacuation.

Our confined space hole watch professionals are trained in every pertinent discipline: ventilation, hazards, general safety, pre-entry procedures, atmospheric testing, grounding devices for entry crew, emergency / evacuation procedures etc.

The Confined Space Air Tech

The confined space air technician is in charge of atmospheric conditions inside the vessel. He or she provides the respirators and breathing air needed by workers entering insufficiently ventilated areas.

Code Red Safety's air technicians have been trained and certified on how to set up supplied air systems for any type of industrial confined space situation.

Confined Space Hole Watch / Air Technician Qualifications:

  • First Aid and CPR Certified
  • Confined Space Training
  • OSHA 10 Certified
  • Air Tech Training

Advanced Confined Space Hole Watch / Air Tech. Same As Above, Plus:
  • Rescue Training
  • Hazwoper Certified

So whether your job requires basic hole watch and air tech services or our advanced team with rescue and Hazwoper certificates, Code Red Safety can set you up with highly qualified people. And a confined space air tech / hole watch can be dispatched to your plant for as long as you need: a day, a month, a year or longer.

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